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The Komatsu press includes three side guarding using Honeywell Wintriss SHADOW light curtain guards.
A Wintriss SmartPAC die protection / press automation controller. A CWP SMX18 servo feed is mounted
directly to the press on an adjustable bracket. The stock straightener is a CWP SE24C with auto-ready and
power roll adjustment automation. A coil hold down, threader, peeler allows stock thickness up to .187 thick.
We refer to this as a "C" line or a "Heavy Duty C" with the threader, peeler as shown above.


Coil hold down arms help control the clock spring tendency of heavier stock. They also hold the lead edge
for safer unbanding and threading. Crane Production Systems can provide and install retrofit hold down arms
for almost any brand of stock reel.

This Rowe Compact Line is not crunched together for the picture. This is what it would look like, ready for production. The line handles .125" thick by 20" wide from 8000 pound coils. The feeder / straightener unit features active pilot release and the high lift head design allows for roll cleaning.

How much is your floor space worth? This is ONE justification for compact lines. How picky is your part finish and straightness requirements is another consideration. Compact lines are great where some coil surface scuffing does not affect part quality.



Crane Production Systems sold a compact line that is only 14 feet long and
is capable of running .187" thick x 24" wide, .250" thick x 12" wide and .312" thick x 3" wide.

Would you like to know the whole story on COMPACT LINES?
Click this link to open an Adobe Acrobat file (321k):

"The Compact Coil System is the Solution" article submitted by
Matt Watson, National Sales and Marketing Manager,
Formtek, Maine.




 A CWP Model SE12B stock straightener with sonar loop control
and coil threading table is shown. Barely visible, the coil hold down
arm, mounted to the stock reel, allows this package to handle up
to .125 thick stock. We refer to this as a "B" line.



A CWP / Dickerman "EconoPAK" coil line includes a servo feed, variable speed straightener and 3000 pound capacity stock reel. The straightener head flips open for threading and cleaning. A dancer arm controls line speed, however a sonar loop control
is available. The straightener and reel are tied together so they always stay aligned with each other. We refer to this as an "A" line.



A CWP / Dickerman "EconoPAL" coil line is the same as "EconoPAK" above except, a PALLET decoiler is used in place of the stock reel. This type of decoiler allows a pallet of coils to be loaded to reduce handling time. Coils lay on their sides, "eye up", eliminating possible damage from rotating the coil and placing on a stock reel mandrel.





The pictures above show a CWP 36D straightener with hold down, threader, peeler. We refer to this as a "D" line. Stock thicknesses up to .125 by 36 wide were specified for this line. D model straighteners can handle stock up to .250 thick,they can have rolls backed up and powered roll adjustment with automatic setting for stock thickness and width.

This CWP 48D coil line shows a "crane saver". Coils may be loaded into the rack when the crane is available. Then, the coil car can move coils or load the stock reel as needed. A threading table with sonar loop control is also shown.


We refer to this CWP "64" coil line as "the freight train".
Everything is heavy duty and mostly hydraulic for positive
movement and control. Wide .250" stock and thicknesses
of .375 and .500" can be run.



Above is a front and rear view of a CWP "64" line that is 48 inches wide. The servo feed uses 4 feed rolls.

"TSC" Option is Available on "D" - "3.5" - and "64" Model Straighteners.
                     "TSC" means "Total System Control"
This option includes:
Roll adjustment by material thickness, key pad entry
    All maintenance information
    Documentation with help screens
    Set up instructions with graphics
    Auto-Ready Command, sets all machine features into "RUN" positions.


This CWP / Rowe cut to length line shows a non-marking drop stacker and linear exit table. High production cut to length
or other automated lines can be built to individual application. CWP / Rowe lines often feature BK levelers instead of
straighteners where needed.  BK, CWP and Rowe are all Formtek Divisions.


Coilmate (tm) Pallet Decoilers Purchased by Major Building Products Manufacturer.

Pallet Decoilers allow you to place a skid (pallet) of coils onto the turntable, then remove band strapping from one coil of material at a time and uncoil with automatic variable speed control.

Crane Production Systems recently sold (17) pallet decoilers to a major building products manufacturer. The Model EZ5048 decoilers are rated for 5000 lb. capacity and can handle up to 48" diameter coils.

The EZ model uses a DC regenerative drive control coupled with a dancer arm and analog proximity switch to smoothly match the line speed. This system decelerates at the same rate that it accelerates, regardless if the pallet is full or almost empty.