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Crane Production Systems has been a leader in the material handling market for over 30 years.
Our business objective is to work with you to provide the most efficient and cost effective solution for your material handling needs. 
    We have various manufacturers' products available to meet your specific material handling applications .
    We will provide a complete application review and conveyor selection based on your needs and requirements.
Most of our material handling applications require equipment that is customized or modified
to meet these specific requirements.

Conveyors on Steroids
Indexing, Fixtures, Pacing, Elevating
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We install if you prefer.
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Conveyor Apps. Pictures
Food Handling Wash Down, Spiral, Gripping, Incline, plastic bottle, multi belt, dual lane, cleated belt, integrated system...
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Dorner Conveyors:
Low profile, smooth and precise. Many off the shelf type solutions. Various models to address different applications and environments. Can work with parts ranging from stamping, casting, plastics, consumer products, cases, packaging, all types of food products including raw meat and cheese. The AquaGard Series provides high levels of wash down capabilities and fast disassembly for cleaning.

Crane Production Systems Corp. has been a Dorner dealer since 1972!
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Typical Industries We Service:
Assembly - Automation - Packaging - Food/Beverage - Metal Chip Removal - Recycling /Bulk Handling - Vision Systems








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Benda Conveyors:
They specializes in the various food industries such as baking, fruit & vegetables, prepared foods, snack, dairy, meat and poultry. They build custom conveyors per the application and requirements. They have faster quoting and design capabilities than Dorner and more flexibility. Pricing will be similar to Dorner Aqua Gard series on the smaller conveyors and better for integrated conveyor systems.

Link to extensive information on Benda Conveyors.... Benda


Spantech Conveyors:
Extremely versatile and modular belt design that is capable of horizontal and vertical bends. They can be combined and configured to fit various layouts. This is especially helpful when dealing with existing equipment that is fixed in place and new equipment needs to added. We are able to handle off-sets and elevations changes from different equipment and stay within a compact footprint. If needed helical curves or compound curves can be provided, in one continuous conveyor. Spantech has the tightest turning radius in the industry. Pricing is similar to Dorner except fewer drives may be needed.

Spantech has chosen Crane Production Systems Corp. as their distributor because we are application driven and can provide a more complete solution for the end user.
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Titan Conveyors:
Titan conveyors are suited for customers requiring conveyors to handle scrap metal, unit packaging, bulk handling and special applications. Titan makes heavy duty profile units in steel and stainless steel. We have used them for high heat applications and heavy parts. We have used them in food processing for high load carrying packaging applications.

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Omni Metalcraft
Has a complete product line ranging from, belt conveyors (slider and roller bed), roller conveyors, belt driven live roller, chain driven live roller, zero pressure CDLR, motorized drive roller (MDR) , pallet handling, chain transfers, gravity roller.

Link to extensive information on Omni Metalcraft Conveyors..... Omni Metalcraft