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Cleated Conveyor
With indexing, accurate stop locations.

Dorner integrated system that opens box covers, dumps contents, then returns boxes to the fill point.
A custom wash down conveyor that has legs on one side. It has free clearance below.

This all stainless steel food grade conveyor has leg outriggers for extra stability when it is being moved.

Dorner, all stainless, wash down, food grade conveyor.
The end spindle flips up WITHOUT TOOLS.
Allows thorough and easy cleaning under the belt.

This is called a dual inline conveyor.
Product merges at the top.
This is a food grade conveyor that flips the product over. In the back of the picture, you can see the flipper tail sticking up. The top conveyor sends product toward the flipper tail and it winds up on the lower conveyor flipped over.

Food grade spiral storage conveyor.

Full case roll over conveyor.

Motorized pulley conveyor has no external motor or drive.

Multi belt on common frame conveyor can provide acceleration, spacing and staging.

Painted spiral gravity storage conveyor.

Plastic bottle handling conveyor.

Precision indexing conveyor with standardized fixture mounting. This allows fixtures to be changed quickly, to handle many different products.

Conveyor serves two presses. In high production manufacturing, it is important to maintain part separation. Dropping many parts into boxes allows them to tangle or damage the other parts.

Product assembly conveyor provides a nice wide work surface where both sides can have multiple work stations. A simple guide fence can stop products at the next assembly point.

This production scrap handling conveyor collects scrap from multiple operations then elevates with cleats to deposit into bins. A conveyor like this could be used to handle valuable copper alloy scrap. It is non-magnetic and must be kept clean.

A welding cell conveyor has a special belt relief to match product. The high temperature belt material handles the heat.

Side Gripping incline conveyor.

Vertical filler discharge conveyor. The narrow inclined conveyor with a curve on top raises product from the floor level discharge and feeds to the main line conveyor.

Wash down conveyor with side and cleats that form a sealed, flexing box to contain liquids on the belt. The cleats allow product au jus, to be elevated on this type of conveyor.

Wash down conveyor with tip up tail. This is a nose over type conveyor end that has a very small radius at the belt discharge.














It seems that conveyor applications are only limited by the imagination of many.

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