Komatsu 88 ton OBS Press

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Worlds finest Die Pro           Servo Presses - COST? Click Here.

New & Re-conditioned Machinery 
Installation - Service - Training 
Komatsu Trained Service Technicians
Expert Wintriss Controls Installers

We Sell New Presses Featuring:
Komatsu, and Neff Hydraulic

Unibox Press Controls and Operator Stations
Wintriss Controls
O.S.H.A. Press Controls
Wintriss SmartPAC2 DiPro Systems
Shadow 8  Safety Light Guards

Memory blanking, floating holes,
"Sausage link" up to 4 guard sets together
Perfect compatibility with
Wintriss Press Controls

Color Graphic, Recipe Memory, Controls
for Hydraulic Presses
and Wintriss Die Protection !!!!

CWP Coil Handling Systems
Made using CNC Machinery can see the difference!
Worlds largest Servo Feed Manufacturer 


Presses... Our Specialty Dorner  Conveyors - Our Specialty


CWP Coil to Press Line - WE INSTALL!

                            We know how our machinery works so you get the fastest RESULTS
                                         and have the staff to install, train and service.
                             We have installed equipment in Mexico and S.E. USA, WI, MN, IA, FL and ND.

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Crane Service Staff

Shadow 8