Quick Die Change Systems
Tecnomagnete and Hydraulic
Specified, quoted, sold, installed, and start up training by:

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This is a Komatsu Servo Press with a Tecnomagnete
Upper Die Clamping System
installed by Crane Production Systems
on our Demo press.

We have also installed:
Wintriss  Shadow 7 light curtain guards,
Wintriss SmartPAC2 including:
DiPro, Tonnage Monitoring
and DiPro Sensor Interface.
The lower die will be clamped using PFA Hydraulic Clamps
..... or the old fashioned way.


Excellent Light curtain and Die Pro
Installation by Crane


Crane Production Systems sells and installs many types of hydraulic clamps.
The most cost effective type is the hydraulic nut style. 100% of the clamp power goes toward holding the die.
This is the least expensive type of clamp and needs only a slot in the die to slide into.

For more information, click on the 228k pdf file below:

Hydraulic Clamp pdf

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