So the press manufacturer said they won't sell you a foot switch for your new press?!!!! 
What if you "MUST HAVE" a feeder or a robot cycle the press? 

A guarded industrial foot switch can be installed on your new Komatsu air clutch punch press  because the new press meets OSHA standards. We would use Wintriss SHADOW™ light curtain guards to insure the safety of the operator and setup people Older presses that do not meet OSHA standards can be updated with Wintriss Press Control systems that we can specify, sell and install.

When you have a long part to make and the feeder can't keep up with the press OR when you want a timed production rate OR a robot to cycle the press, you need "Auto Single Stroke Mode". The operator selects AutoSS mode, presses the "Prior Act" push button, then makes the first press cycle using the standard two hand buttons. Thereafter, an automation device can send a signal causing the press to single stroke. If the automation device fails to send a signal within a reasonable amount of time, AutoSS terminates and must be setup by the operator again. 

Crane Production Systems installs AutoSS controls by retrofitting to existing controls or by installing a Wintriss Press Control equipped with the  AutoSS feature. 

We have engineered and installed several systems for feeding strip or bar stock. Controls handle feed roll opening, when to start, eject cycling, which feed is in control and when entrance and exit feeds change or stop.

It would appear that AutoSS mode would be good for cycling a slave press. Yes, it would work except that the press that signals the slave is usually not the press that finishes the part. The slave press usually does the finishing stroke and this is where the operator usually wants to start the lead press! 

Crane Production Systems has produced and installed press slave controls that allow the operator to start two, three or more presses from any press in the production cell. Of course everything must meet OSHA standards and is documented using AutoCAD®2000.

Running a press in single stroke mode is hard on the clutch and brake! It is desirable to start and stop the press on demand. For example, an outgoing parts conveyor has room for more parts. The conveyor sends a start signal to the press. The conveyor probably sends a stop signal too! 

SAFETY RULES OF THE ROAD The press MUST be started using the usual and customary two hand buttons and prior act button. The  PLC system MUST "see" the operator successfully start and RUN the press for a period of time. The press must be properly guarded! Finally, an indicator light alerts the operator that the PLC is setup to restart the press.

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