BOOK REPORT – NEW Ways for Backing Up Your:

Wintriss SmartPAC2


Wintriss SmartPAC2 Press Automation Controller

Control everything on a Mechanical, Hydraulic or Servo PUNCH PRESS

      From one place – with one system - no mix and match.

We’d like to encourage all existing and future
users to put their units on the network! 


There are many FREE benefits to networking your SmartPAC2;

- The new FREE SmartView backup/restore (see below)

- SmartView (View your networked press status from anywhere, FREE)

- On-Line firmware upgrades.

- SmartPAC2 can send you text messages via email, pagers, and cell phones.


There are OTHER optional benefits to networking your SmartPAC2;


#1 Info Center … all production documents displayed

on SmartPAC2 screen… from control originals that are stored on your server!     
Paperless –
Lean Manufacturing.


#2 Wintriss LETS … Automatically generate reports, by shift
or job including OEE.  
Track up time and down time with reasons.
Store machine
“events” and display REAL TIME factory status for all machines.


Backing Up SmartPAC’s:


OPTION 1: Any SmartPAC2 can be backed up, restored or updated for free on-line.

You can find the instructions  It will open in a new window.
            The SmartPAC2 must be networked and firmware must be V4.59 or higher. Update free on-line.

         (You can get a firmware upgrade by email ($50) or on a USB key ($100) but why spend money         

          when the SmartPAC2 networks to your computer like a web site IP address. Download 4 free!)


OPTION 2: Any SmartPAC 2 can be backed up or restored with the new:

USB Key Backup Installed Option Firmware This costs $300 per SmartPAC2.

            Each SmartPAC2 can be backed up and restored simply by plugging in a USB key! 

            Backups use only 600Kb of disk space so, many SmartPAC2’s can share the same key.

Since each back up is identified by the SmartPAC2’s serial #, the user doesn’t have to do anything.
If a restore is ever needed, the SmartPAC2 will only accept it’s own file.

OPTION 3: Any SmartPAC1 or 2 can be backed up to your laptop computer with the new:
           SBR Software (SmartPAC Backup and Restore) for your laptop. This costs $1075 plus $300 per SmartPAC.
           Back up either SmartPAC 1 or 2. ALL tools and Initialization data are backed up
           or restored together in a single command.


      Think about upgrading everything to SmartPAC2 (special pricing) then use OPTION1.  FREE.


Let us help with your WISH LIST. We install whatever you do not have time to do.

            Or, we install the first one and you use our info to install the rest.


Crane Production Systems, Wintriss, O.S.H.A. Press Controls,
DiPro, Tonnage Monitoring, Shadow Light Curtain guards … One system, working together.


Crane Production Systems is an exclusive Wintriss dealer. Here is a link to the SmartPAC2 site.
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