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Wintriss SmartPAC2 Press Automation Controller

Control everything on a PUNCH PRESS

From one place – with one system - no mix and match.
SmartPAC2 For Hydraulic Presses   SmartPAC2 For SERVO Presses


#1 SmartPAC2’s 100 Event Error Log with time and date stamp.             Cloud Callout: NEW!
Auto Learn, cam and DiPro for Servo Presses!

As a PLC programmer…I would have a hard time making this happen.
















#2 Hot Buttons … user assigned to show the screens

that YOU want.


#3 Info Center … all production documents displayed

on SmartPAC2 screen… from control originals that are stored on your server!     
Paperless – Lean Manufacturing.


#4 Programmable Cams … Color Graphic Display

Choose from Degree – Timed Output – Counter Output - on with DSV type cams.

Cams, Counters and Die Protection, all saved as a job number.


#5 Eliminate Programmable Logic Controllers.

SmartPAC2 intends to do everything you want.
With custom PLC’s you needlessly reinvent commercially available product,
  ....then, only one person knows how it works.


Let us help with your WISH LIST. We install whatever you do not have time to do.

Or, we install the first one and you use our info to install the rest.



Crane Production Systems, Wintriss, O.S.H.A. Press Controls,
DiPro, Tonnage Monitoring, Shadow Light Curtain guards … One system, working together.


Crane Production Systems is an exclusive Wintriss dealer. Here is a link to the SmartPAC2 site.
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