MagBase Sensors are universal die protection tools which are moveable from die to die or press to press. They are designed to plug into Wintriss DiPro® Systems. MagBase Sensors are ideal for punch press dies without built in die protection sensors. They are a common choice for job shop stampers who frequently run customer dies and want to prevent damage.   

SPECIAL 200 pound holding force MAGNETS
Our magnets do not lose power after years of use. This is UNLIKE TOOL and DIE MAGNETS that will not hold against stamping impact. There are no plastic parts that will fall apart when used on a punch press application.
Just tap the vertical pole sideways and roll the magnet on and off of the bolster of your press.
Sensors mount and adjust in seconds to provide vital monitoring die function monitoring.

ALL sensors shown below are designed to be used with  
DiPro and SmartPAC2 systems.

The length of strip fed INTO your die should be detected coming OUT the other end OR ELSE, something has bent, stuck, folded or lifted inside the die space. IF YOU HIT IT the die will not be the same.

RedEye© Feed Length Sensor            (DPMAGRedEye)
The MOST important sensor that should be used on every die that runs continuous mode is the FEED LENGTH SENSOR.

This new visible RED BEAM sensor detects the stock strip within an adjustable range. It was designed to replace the old spring probe sensors. Our 200 lb. holding magnet and adjustable base makes it easier than ever to setup. It does not interfere with the part falling away from the die.

Magnetic Base Feed Length Probe          (DPMAGPRB)
There are a few thousand of these sensors in use today. Quick to setup and very economical, it has been used to prevent die damage from the most common cause, mis-feed.
 Feed length monitoring is vital. Stamping dies can not withstand unpredicted loads without changing what the tool maker had in mind for a part. Any press with a DiPro system on it, needs this basic tool.

Magnetic Base Buckling Sensor          (DPMAGBKL)
MagBase buckling sensors use an over / under probe design to detect if incoming feed material has buckled between the
feed and die. The adjustable base allows mis-fed stock to move the sensor away rather than breaking it.

Magnetic Base Light Screen Sensor
Everyone loves them. Large beam width senses air ejected parts easily. Gets in close to your die. Sets up and adjusts quickly and easily on magnet bases. Available in 4" and 6" beam height. One plug connects to Wintriss DSI.

Magnetic Base Beam Sensor
A MagBase Sensor that uses an adjustable range light beam to detect when a part is ejected from a stamping die. It is easily adjustable for sensitivity to reject background objects. Used to detect larger parts, the sensor produces a single beam, 8 to 12 inches long and 1/2 to 1 inch wide. Set it up CLOSE IN to where the part ejects for the most reliable sensing.

Magnetic Base Buckle Prox                 (DPMAGBPRX)
Used the same as the buckling sensor above. Prox. sensors are used so that plastic coated or pre-painted stock can be detected.


Light Screen Sensor with 6 inch heads shown.



Special Sensor Interface
with 32 inputs.

Buckle Prox Sensor detects plastic coated metal.

Beam Sensor
ready to plug in.

FINALLY! A NEW beam sensor that replaces the spring probe. Much easier to set up and more reliable.

Dependable buckling detection.
RedEye sensor shown with Wintriss DSI sensor interface.



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Our sensors are made
in Waukesha, Wisconsin.