Servo Presses are amazing new technology. 
Makes the Air Clutch an Antique

Finally, after 100 years of clutches and brakes,
No clutch - no brake
no flywheel - no dual solenoid valve

* Dead slow inch under full tonnage
* CNC smooth inch with NO clutch delay
* Programmable, 100% control of ram speed
* Standard Fanuc CNC motors, available worldwide

Komatsu sells almost $800 Million worth of presses per year.
That is about 200 presses per MONTH.

ONLY Komatsu Servo Presses, use STANDARD FANUC motors.
Totally PROVEN on CNC machine tools where they
must run with chips and coolant.
THIS is the latest press technology.

There over 1000 Komatsu Servo Presses Running Today.



H2F-200 Variable Stroke
This is a Komatsu 200 ton Straight Side Servo Press 
showing four different ram speed profiles.

H1F-45 Multi Hit
This is a Komatsu 45 ton Gap Frame Servo Press
It is making multiple hits, forming titanium eye glass frames.

H2FT800_30SPM Servo Press Movie
This is a Komatsu 800 ton Straight Side Servo Press 
with a Komatsu Servo Transfer
operating at 30 strokes per minute.
Looking at the first draw, it is not likely that this part could be made 
without Servo Press technology controlling the ram speed.
Notice how the ram slowly follows the transfer on the way down. 
This helped increase productivity.

H4FT-1600 Transfer Press
This is a Komatsu 1600 ton 4 point, Straight Side
Servo Press with Komatsu servo transfer, 
making left and right automotive suspension parts.

Note that Komatsu has many presses IN STOCK
including Straight Side and Gap frame presses with
Servo and Wet Clutch and Brake Technology.