Dur A Lite

Phone: (888) 546-6275

Address: 3120 Lexington Park Drive, Elkhart, IN 46514

Vendor Information: When choosing a light for your industrial application, choose wisely. The DUR-A-LITE industrial machine and work light is designed specifically for the kind of abuse an ordinary light can not survive. Not only does the DUR-A-LITE withstand extreme vibrations but all the electronic components are contained within a virtually unbreakable outer tube to protect it from outside contaminants such as coolants and lubricants. DUR-A-LITE industrial machine and work lights are available in fluorescent and LED, in lengths from 6″ to 111″ with a variety of magnetic or fixed mounting options to suit your application. The mounts clamp on to the outer tube which contains a reflector. The operator can then rotate the tube within the clamp to focus the light on the work area. If you would like some help determining which light would best fit your application.


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