Neff Press Inc.

Phone: (800) 325-8612

Address: 6510 Page Ave, St. Louis, MO 63133

Vendor Information: NEFF PRESS® designs and manufactures high-speed hydraulic production presses with forces ranging from 2-10,000+ tons. Our press manufacturing includes: Hydraulic Presses, C-Frame Bench Presses, Column Presses, Gib Guided/Slab Style Presses, C-Frame Floor Presses, and Metal Chip Compactors. NEFF PRESS® has been providing manufacturing industries with durable, accurate, safe hydraulic presses for over 50 years. Neff is uniquely capable of building hydraulic presses to solve most custom applications. The standard C-Frame, 2 Post, 4 Post and Gib Guided/Slab Style machines can be fully integrated by their engineers, to meet your requirements.