Phone: (636) 386-8022

Address: 927 Horan Drive, Fenton, Missouri 63026

Vendor Information: Established in 1982, Carr Lane Roemheld Manufacturing Company (CLRH) is a joint venture that unites the Old World craftsmanship of Roemheld GmbH, a top German workholding manufacturer, with Carr Lane Manufacturing Company, America’s premier tooling supplier. We produce the highest-quality manufacturing equipment products that make you more productive. Our wide range of solutions include power workholding products, quick-die change systems, assembly & handling solutions, quick mold change products, and Zero Point mounting systems designed to reduce fixturing setup time by 90%. Carr Lane Roemheld solutions increase assembly line uptime, reduce labor, improve product turnaround time and ultimately make manufacturing facilities more profitable. Explore the full line of manufacturing equipment solutions produced by Carr Lane Roemheld.


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