Monitors press stopping performance

The Wintriss Brake Monitor is important to the safe application of machine guards such as safety light curtains. It warns the user when stopping time exceeds safe limits. Meets ANSI B11.1-2009 control reliability requirements.

Real-time stop-time monitor Digital readout for SPM, crank angle, stopping angle, stopping time, or limit

Has the ability to perform a 90° stop-time test at the touch of a button

Brake warning indicator light Crank angle “clock” style display

The Wintriss Brake Monitor uses state of the-art electronics to monitor the stopping performance of your press. Easy to install and maintain, the Wintriss Brake Monitor is control reliable and meets or exceeds ANSI Bll.1-2009 and OSHA 1910.217 regulations. (ANSI Bll.1-2009 requires that any press that has a single-stroke mode and uses either a two-hand control, a light curtain, or a Type B movable barrier as a safeguard, must have a brake monitor). IT CAN KEEP YOUR SAFETY DISTANCE SAFE! The Wintriss Brake Monitor performs a 90° stop-time test, which is required to set the proper safety distance for personnel guarding devices. The monitor prevents the initiation of a successive stroke when the stopping time limit has been exceeded. The unique brake warning indicator gives advanced notice that the stopping time is approaching its limit. This alerts maintenance to perform the necessary repairs on the brake. The Wintriss Brake Monitor’s highly visible digital readout shows the speed of the press (SPM), crank angle, stopping angle of the press, actual stop time and preset stop time limit in milliseconds. Whether the press is running or at rest, the crank angle clock dynamically indicates the location of the ram. The Wintriss Brake Monitor also displays stopping angle (the crankshaft rotation angle that it takes for the press to stop) – very useful when you are determining the critical angle for your die protection system. IT’S MORE THAN A BRAKE MONITOR! Because it is resolver-based, the Wintriss Brake Monitor’S large LED display indicates the exact crank angle position at any point in the stroke. The resolver can be shared with other Wintriss resolver-based products, such as DiPro ® 1500, a die protection system with optional programmable cams.


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