Green Valley Manufacturing Inc.

Phone: (217) 864-4125

Address: 100 Green Valley Drive , Mt. Zion, IL 62549

Vendor Information: Green Valley Manufacturing Inc. (GVMI) designs and builds equipment to make manufacturing companies more profitable by streamlining their die handling, mold handling, and coil handling processes. GVMI offers a full line of quick die change and quick mold change (QDC and QMC) equipment, trailers and transporters, coil handling equipment as well as ergonomic and custom industrial equipment that will promote lean operations. Our high quality reliable equipment can reduce press downtime, reduce labor requirements, improve technician morale, increase safety, and increases production capacity. The Green Valley Titan brand products provide permanent solutions with results for our customers. You can depend on our equipment for quality, durability and longevity. Green Valley Mfg. Inc. specializes in custom application design and manufacturing of quick mold change (QMC), quick die change (QDC), coil handling equipment, transports and trailers, as well as industrial storage systems and heavy duty industrial work horses (sawhorses). Green Valley engineers have years of experience providing innovative solutions that maximize production time and improve manufacturing environment safety.