Pascal Engineering Inc.

Phone: (847) 427-1234

Address: 64 West Seegers Road , Arlington Heights, IL 60005

Vendor Information: Pascal products and their product development capabilities are dedicated to supporting the manufacturing sector. While still a relatively young company among manufacturers, the Pascal brand has provided businesses worldwide with innovative systems that are among the first of their kind. Their passion and efforts to develop equipment to support manufacturing into the future are unparalleled. Pascal plays an active role in a wide range of industries, and particularly in the global automotive industry. We support equipment for a vast array of production machines, including press machines, injection molding machines, machining centers, robots and more. Positioned solidly in the world’s production lines, Pascal’s equipment and systems span the globe — from Japan to North America, Europe and Asia. Pascal Engineering is committed to providing high-precision, high-quality products through strenuous research and development.