Transitioning from conventional clamping to automatic die changing will save you time — time that can be used for increasing production and reducing the workload of operators. Automatic die changing also makes the workplace safer and more efficient. Every step in the die change process is improved — including clamping, positioning and attaching/detaching the ejector plate. Pascal supplies die casting parts — such as control units and hydraulic units — that allow you to create a complete system.

Productivity Improvement
The amount of time involved in die changing can be reduced by switching your operation from conventional screw clamping to automatic die casting clamping that utilizes slidable hydraulic clamps. Even better, using a mag clamp die clamp system that utilizes a powerful magnetic force eliminates the need for mounting bolts and maximizes the full die-casting machine surface. Using our multi-couplers enables you to connect multiple couplers in one go — easily and securely — with a single push, and decreases the time and confusion that result when individually pairing multiple couplers.

Die casting is one of the most widely used processes for producing metal parts. It’s found in:

Electrical and lighting
Hydraulics and pneumatics
Commercial printer manufacturing

High uptime, quick die changes, consistent quality and high levels of safety are essential for maximizing output from die casting machines. Upgrading die casting components, such as by including a die changer or die rotator, supports JIT manufacturing, increases productivity and improves product quality while also reducing waste. Pascal helps businesses that use die casting achieve these goals with die casting products and die casting machine parts ranging from complete mold change systems to couplers and clamps.

Pascal Engineering Inc. is known around the world for products that boost machine performance and improve safety — and for their innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges. We support press machines, injection molding machines, machining centers, robots and more. Their innovative die clamping solutions can withstand even the harshest die casting conditions with no problem.


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