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Vendor Information: Enabling more effective metal forming since 1964, HYSON Metal Forming Solutions designs and manufactures precision force solutions for critical applications. Hyson solutions, integrated into presses, stamping tools and mills help master the complexity of metal forming by providing the right solutions for a customer’s specific application. HYSON offers both off-the-shelf and custom-designed products and incorporates the highest level of safety into our solutions. Hyson engineering and manufacturing teams, paired with our state-of-the-art products, help drive: Safety Repeatable and efficient processes Reduced maintenance and repair costs High quality output Continually driving innovation and technology, our precision force metal forming solutions include: Nitrogen Gas Springs – a wide variety of springs, Controllable Systems – Standard Lock and Positive Lock configurations in addition to Di-Dro™ Advanced Forming Systems Manifold Systems – NitroDyne® High Force Manifold Systems providing consistent force, low pressure rise, more force Dyne-a-Cam® Units – NitroCam® and Roller Cam® for piercing, cutting, forming and flanging operations Next-Generation Press Cushion Systems – TRUEform™, OPTIform™ and MASTERform™ Integrated forming systems for any press that provide flexibility, repeatability and controllability Programmable Knockout system – INTELLImax™ System enables flexible, timed part knock out.