Benefits of 3200 Series ARB Conveyors:

Flexibility to handle multiple product sizes without the need for changeover

Minimizes floor space consumption Increased system reliability

Eliminates costly system controls, reducing complexity

Encased moving parts provide safer work environments

Low maintenance solution

Handles product as small as 6” x 6”

Specifications 2” pitch ARB Chain

Built on Dorner 3200 Series platform

Widths: 8” (203 mm) to 60” (1524 mm) in 2” (51 mm) increments

Lengths: Minimum 3’ (914 mm)

Speeds: Up to 150 ft/min (46 m/min)

Optional powered transfer


90-degree transfers maintaining product orientation

Aligners / edge justification

Case turners

Bump turns

Touchless low friction merges


Options & Accessories

Standard support stands and guiding options are available

All standard 3200 Series mounting packages and gearmotors are available

90° Transfers and Lane Merges

90° Passive On and 90° Passive Off transfers

No adjustment needed for different size products

Requires 6” – 8” gap upstream

90° Passive On requires some product momentum, 90° Passive Off does not

Using Passive On, product can merge into a gap on the mainline

ARB Uses Series 400 45° Chain and Passive Rollers

Edge Justification and Bump Turns

No adjustment needed for different size products

Edge justification requires no product gap

Bump turn needs 6” – 8” gap upstream

A fixed or pneumatically controlled protrusion from the side rail is added to help start the turning process

Uses Series 400 30° Chain and Activated Rollers



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