Designed for Superior Flexibility and Accuracy.

Ideal for progressive, transfer or manual die operations

Incorporates modern, state of the art A.C. servo technology into mechanical stamping press designs

Ability to control slide velocity throughout the stamping work being done-optimal slide motion can be set for any application

Maintains constant working energy throughout stroke regardless of slide velocity

Provides ability to dwell at position to allow timing of secondary work within the press cycle time

Improved part quality

Increased die life

Ability to program multiple motion paths before returning to top dead center

Automatically maintain and adjust slide position to assure consistent die height

Elimination of high maintenance mechanical components like the clutch-brake unit

Controlled slide velocity can reduce the importance of die or part lubrication

Reduces die tryout time and expense

Saves energy cost by reducing electricity consumption

A Higher Level of Standard Equipment for Increased Performance

Heavy plate, rigid frame construction

Bolster thickness exceeds JIC standards

Wide windows for transfer and progressive applications

Single-piece, heavy duty true box-type slide, prepared for knockouts

Precision plunger guide design

Push-button controlled, motorized side adjustment

Mechanical slide lock mechanism

Multiple gear reduction for greater torque capacity

Precision oil-lubricated long 6-point gibs

Hardened and ground helical gears

Pneumatic counter balance

2 variable speed main servo motors

Quick-responding, dependable hydraulic overload protector

Shock resistant, pendant-mounted control

T-stand for easy set-up and operation

100 job memory

Safety block with interlock


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